The previous semesters at Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School were an exciting and interesting experience for our learners. We had some fascinating events and contests that our students thoroughly enjoyed. It must be said that the start to this semester has been a trying and challenging period for us all, however this hasn’t stopped the teachers from Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School from delivering a world class teaching experience.


We have striven to ensure that the education of our students hasn’t stopped as a result of the interruptions. We, as teachers, remain fully committed to producing lessons and content to encourage our students and to ensure that active learning still takes place.


Before I speak about what we are currently doing in Grade two, I would like to share some wonderful events with you that took place during the previous semesters.


We had some interesting themed days during the previous semester that included ‘Pajama Day’, ‘Red and Green Day’ and ‘Scary Day’ to name a few.
The aims of these events were not only for the students to have some fun but also for the students to engage in English learning in a relaxed and collaborative environment. We read stories, watched interactive videos and also engaged in arts in crafts. Through all these activities students were continuously engaged in learning English.


However, it was not all fun and games. We also had our English Poem Recitation and Spelling Bee contests. Every student showed great determination and a will to succeed. They were very dedicated and all of them performed admirably. We are extremely proud of all our students.


Actually, what amazed me the most was how all of the students’ speaking and spelling improved as a result of the contests. Students were excited to show their teachers how they are able to spell difficult words! This shows that friendly competition can sometimes have a positive effect on a learner’s education.


Online teaching in the current school environment


Due to the current, unforeseen circumstances we find ourselves in, we’ve had to evolve and move to online learning in order to ensure that learning doesn’t cease during this difficult period. This has posed certain problems and challenges, however we as teachers will continuously find a way to ensure our students’ education always comes first.Teaching online requires different methods from the traditional classroom. It’s imperative that we, as teachers, adapt our skills to the online learning environment in order to ensure that our lessons remain effective and engaging for learners.


Teacher Kylie and myself, Teacher Layton, actually live very close to each other in South Africa and this has really helped us to collaborate on lessons to ensure we make exciting and interesting content for our wonderful Grade 2’s. As is evident in the videos, we endeavour to include real life videos and pictures in order to make learning exciting and more relatable to our students. This, we believe, assists students to make real life connections and assists in the recalling and memorization of information.

Our grade two teachers thoroughly enjoy the time of the week when we read to our students. We carefully select the books and the vocabulary we are going to teach.

We, as foreign teachers.

As foreign English teachers, our main goal is to ensure that our students master all aspects of the English language; be it reading, writing, listening or speaking. Additionally, we also strive to ensure that, through English language instruction, we enable our learners to use English for communication with people from different cultural backgrounds. This ensures that they will be able to communicate with people from around the world which could lead to endless possibilities. More importantly, it’s about fun. We would like our students to feel excited when they come to our class. We want them to feel that they are able to freely express their own thoughts and ideas in a safe, supporting environment.

We wish that all our students as well as their families remain safe and healthy during this testing period and we, as teachers, look forward to welcoming everyone back to school as soon as possible. Until then, we promise to continue to educate and enrich our students with our online and interactive lessons to ensure uninterrupted learning persists.