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Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School
School Introduction

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School was established in 2015 as an international education platform covering kindergarten through 12th grade. At the very beginning of establishment, the school devoted itself to customizing high-level, complete and individualized teaching plans along with scientific and flexible educational methods. The school aims at training global elites with world-leading educational facilities.

In 2018, under the background of strategic cooperation between Beijing Royal School and Jiahui Education, JH Oak Middle School holds an educational concept of “Chinese Humanity anf International Elite Vision”. Our mission is to cultivate the elite leaders with international vision and global competitiveness.

The school is not only the pilot centre for basic education curriculum reform of the Ministry of Education, teaching material teaching material center project practice base of Ministry of Education, but also the Cambridge International Examination Center, AP Center, the first SpringBoard Center in China. The

school has advanced satellite transmission system, mobile teaching technic, so that school can receive overseas teaching resources.

The teachers resource is professional which includes excellent bilingual teachers, high-quality foreign teachers from all over the world, and oversea returnee teachers. The qualified teaching resources can guarantee the learning skills of the students.

JiaJia HuiJiahui Oak Jiahui Oak Foreign Jiahui Oak Foreign LanguageJiahui Oak Foreign Language SchoolJiahui Oak Foreign Language School MiddleJiahui Oak Foreign Language School Middle School
Middle School•News
Middle School Advantages

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School-Middle School which was established in 2015, is attached to Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School. I is unique in Dalian as it has two types of classes(International Elite Class and National Elite Class). The school offers the students the choice of boarding. Oak School holds an educational concept of “Chinese Humanity and International Elite Vision”, deepening the education reformation, assembling elite teachers, focusing on teaching quality, building up the best education brand of both domestic quality education and international elite education.

National Elite Classes recruit elite students in Dalian and cultivate students in an all-round way to be intelligent and integrity. All students with Dalian household register have priority quota treatment.Bilingual classes are committed to cultivating students' personal characteristics, learning ability,

and cultivating their growth experiences while strengthening language teaching so as to stimulate students’ sense of mission and responsibility.The school has professional teaching resource. Teachers are from Grade 9 classes of JIahui branch schools and nationa wide famous schools. The foreign teaching team has a first-line IGCSE and A-Level teaching qualification and experience

Middle School Featured Courses

National Elite Class

The Finest of Ancient Prose Course,Drama
STEAM course,PBL course、Calligraphy
Courses on National Syllabus,Golf
Satellite course,Spanish

International Elite Class

Bilingual Math,Club Courses
Bilingual Chemistry,Science
Bilingual Physics,Reading
Football & Fitness

JiaJia huiJia Hui OakJia Hui Oak ForeignJia Hui Oak Foreign LanguageJia Hui Oak Foreign Language PrimaryJia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School
Primary School•News
Primary School Advantages

Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School started in September, 2017. It is a K-12 integrated educational school built by the Jia Hui Education Group with the mission of developing a modern high-standard and high-end school featuring quality, diversity, characteristics and internationalization.

The school adheres to the educational philosophy of "achieving the best" with the vision to“ embrace the nature and move toward the world”. The school’s education system attaches great importance to nature and gives students freedom to develop themselves. The aim of the school is to enable all students to have courtesy, love, truth, beauty and the ability of aesthetic appreciation. The teachers in Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Primary School are devoted, professional and outstanding. ——Elite management team+Experienced teachers+Overseas returnees+Foreign teachers who play very important role in children’s life as a mentor.

Primary School Featured Courses
Professional Foreign Class
Traditional Culture
Electric Piano
Satellite Class
Traditional Art
O.A.K. Curriculum (Fundamental Curriculum+Support Courses+Project Based Learning)
Up, Up, Theatre -An art integrated curriculum
Steam-Math Super STEAM Course
Main Honor of Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School

Kindergarten with Diet Education
Kindergarten with Nutritional Balanced Diet
Model Kindergarten with Diet Education
Outstanding Organization Award of the Fifth “Four Comics Environmental Contest(FCC)”

The Training Base of Civil-military Integration National Defense Education
CCTV Star of Outlook Talent Competition
Cooperative School of the Implementation of SpringBoard Programme

Experimental School of Chinese Pedagogy Workshop
Experimental Base of Elementary Education Curriculum Reform
Best Organization Award of National English Speaking Competition (NESC)

  • Contact with Junior High Schoo
  • Address: No.91 East Hongchuan Road, High-Tech Distract, Dalian
  • Tel:0411-86182322
  • Contact with Primary School
  • Address: No.91 East Hongchuan Road, High-Tech Distract, Dalian
  • Tel:0411-86182228
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